Since 2003, The Dish have been feeding the vulnerable of Hornsby with a hot meal together with friendship and compassion.

St John’s Uniting Church Wahroonga started The Dish as a soup van out of a desire to offer food and conversation with homeless people in the local area. Originally food was served from the van in Hornsby Park two nights a week.

As Christians we love others as a reflection of Jesus's great love for us. In addition to food, we provide an accepting and inclusive community, helping each person know they are valued.   

Through Australia's ups and downs over the years, The Dish team have been consistent in our service.

We've seen and adapted to a lot of change and are continuing to remain agile to meet the challenges that aid organisations like ours are facing with COVID19.

Now after 18 years, demand is greater than ever !   

We are seeing more aged pensioners, people with mental health challenges and single parents. For a lot of people, it’s the only decent meal they will get that day.

In collaboration with Fusion and local volunteers, The Dish serves up to 40 meals a night, five nights a week, year round.

The atmosphere is a dinner among friends in a safe, private, homely setting. Our community meal is served in the courtyard at the rear of a house with cafe-style seating. 

We also rescue left-over food from supermarkets so that our community has some fresh food to take home as well.