Frequently Asked Questions

What do I cook for The Dish?

For main meals, nourishing meals with protein and fresh vegetables are the most helpful meals to prepare. Providing a side-salad is appreciated in the warmer months.

For dessert, fresh fruit and fruit-based desserts are always popular. 

There is no need to provide bread as we receive donations from local bakeries.

What is an easy way for my group to cook 40 meals?

We suggest allocating the preparation of the meals across a range of people to help manage  the costs and the work. A mixture of different types of meals is a good thing - they don't all need to be the same. Your group's meals can be dropped off at one central location and brought together to The Dish by your group leader if the people who are cooking are different to the people serving on the night.

What containers do we bring our food in?

For each meal, use a 650ml takeaway container available from Coles, Woolworths and IGA. There are similar containers available elsewhere that you are welcome to use.

Can my child volunteer with The Dish?   

Children in year 10 at school and above can volunteer in consultation with The Dish's Operations Coordinator by prior arrangement. For children completing the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, we welcome children completing their hours by preparing meals and bringing them in. Contact us to arrange.